Peer Dalland is Principal and Managing Director of Dalland Associates Pty Ltd, which is a Civil and Structural Engineering consultancy specialising in Dispute Management on Construction Contracts, Contract Claims, Contract Administration, Project and Construction Management.

With a degree in Civil Engineering from Manchester University, Peer is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), he is registered on the National Professional Engineering Register in Australia in both Civil and Structural Engineering and has over 45 years experience on range of Civil Engineering and Building projects in various countries, he also has extensive Design and Construct experience. 

Peer acts as a Dispute Board Member, Dispute Advisor, Facilitator, Arbitrator, Adjudicator and Mediator on Australian and International projects.  


Internationally Peer Dalland specialises in Dispute Board Services, FIDIC Contracts and Contract Administration. He also provides services in Claims Negotiations, Mediation and Conciliation, he is an accredited Adjudicator and Arbitrator and is listed on the FIDIC President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators, and is a Fellow of the Dispute Board Federation in Geneva (DBF) and is listed on the DBF’s list of accredited Dispute Board Adjudicators and has been a member of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) since 2003.

Dispute Resolution

Peer Dalland is an Arbitrator, Mediator and Adjudicator, he has prepared over 30 Adjudications and Arbitrations determinations and awards, and is a Dispute Board practitioner with over 10 years Dispute Board experience.

Peer has served as Dispute Board Member on infrastructure projects in Ethiopia and Australia. He has served as a single person Dispute Board member under FIDIC 4 1987 General Conditions of Contract, known as Dispute Review Expert (DRE), and as Single Dispute Board Member (SDBM) on Road Upgrading projects in Ethiopia and he has served as Dispute Board Member on a 3person DB on a railway contract in Australia.

Contract Specialist

Contracted as FIDIC Contract Specialist to Multilateral Development Banks, Contractors, Employers and the Engineers involving contracts in various countries including Sri Lanka, India, Iraq, PNG, Afghanistan and South Africa, using FIDIC Red Book, Yellow Book, Green Book and MDB Harmonised Conditions of Contract.

Peer has worked as a Contract Specialist to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on major road and infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan and has acted as a Resource Consultant to the ADB conducting 2 day FIDIC Training Seminars in Contract Administration for ADB executing agencies in Cambodia and Bangladesh.

Two and three day seminars on a “Practical Approach” to FIDIC Contracts have also been conducted for other organisations in Singapore and Malaysia. These seminars have been dealing with Contract Management, Procurement, Design and Execution of Infrastructure Projects in these countries and have been concentrating on Contract Administration and Risk Assessment from Project Inception. These seminars have also addressed the appointment and use of Dispute Boards to maximise the benefits of Dispute Boards on construction contracts.

Peer has extensive experience in Contract Negotiations and Claims handling on major infrastructure projects and has represented international contractors, consultants, government agencies and Multilateral Development Banks in negotiations for major contracts in Sri Lanka, South Africa, PNG and Afghanistan and has also assisted the DOW in PNG on WB funded road projects where his role was that of an Independent Observer, Advisor, Facilitator and Negotiator in contract negotiations between the Employer and Consultant. 

Mr Dalland regularly attends International seminars and conferences on Dispute Boards and FIDIC contracts to keep up to date with latest practises.

He is familiar with Australian contracts and NSW SOP legislation. He is currently a member of the LEADRIAMA NSW committee and has prepared draft proposals for Dispute Advisor/Facilitator services. He has also been part of a working group reviewing the SOP legislation in NSW, representing Consult Australia in this group.

Expert Witness - Litigation Support

Extensive litigation support services are provided on a selective basis. Peer Dalland has 35 years experience in preparation of expert reports, and has appeared as expert witness in various jurisdictions, including Land and Environment Court, District Court of NSW and Supreme Court of NSW, Australia.  

Typically the expert reporting services have addressed the following: 

Contract Claims and Variations - Contract issues

Extension of Time (EOT) and Project Scheduling 

Building and Construction Defects and Rectification Works - Structural and Civil Works

Construction Accidents 

Failure Investigations - permanent structures and temporary works

Flood Damage and Flooding Issues